Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seal of Approval

As anyone who lives on the Upper East Side is already aware, 2nd avenue is under contruction. Being that I live on the other side of second than the subway, this disruption of my daily walking route has added some serious annoyance to my commute. Randomly certain crosswalks will be closed and completely blocked by construction gates. You have to walk up or down a block to get around them. Then sometimes the workers decide it is utterly necessary to allow a large truck to back into a tiny little alley, a feat that takes some time consuming maneuvering to accomplish, in the height of morning walkers rush hour (8:30 am). It is a source of quite a bit of walker’s rage (read: road rage for pedestrians) for me each and every day.

Though, there is one silver lining. There are always tons of hunks posing around in their gear-and often topless in this weather, to add a little eye candy to my am hours. Now, I dress fairly conservatively for my office job. I follow Tim Gunn’s rule that skirts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee. And, as a busty lady I have always taken care to keep the cleavage mostly under wraps between 9 and 6. It is hard enough to be taken seriously in the office as a young woman. I do not intend to let dressing in appropriately give anyone any extra reasons to cast me off as a young bimbo.

That being said, I love clothes, and take great care picking out my outfits each day. I personally think that ladies office clothing is quite sexy even when its not revealing, and I love picking out cute, but lady like ensembles for daytime wear. Apparently I’m not alone.
Each morning the construction workers seem to appreciate my effort. Though it probably should annoy me that they hoot and holler when I walk past some mornings, I find it gratifying. It’s like a seal of approval that I did a good job picking out my outfit, and that I managed to make conservative look hot. Today, for example, I have on a very conservatively cut long navy skirt, and a blouse with far from a plunging neckline. Granted, it's covered in ruffles, and is neon yellow, but still. They “Hey ma!” and cat calls assured me that it was far from granny material.

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