Friday, May 22, 2009

Spotted: Lourdes and her Hottie Daddy

This past Sunday, Madonna's daughter Lourdes and her sexy dad, Carlos Leon were walking the AIDs walk side by side with me and my friends in Central Park.

Lourdes was wearing a cute skirt with knee high striped socks.  Carlos sported an appropriately sexpot leather jacket and aviators.  

A really attractive little family, that's all I can really say.

What did Beyonce do to her face?

On the cover of this month's Marie Claire magazine, Beyonce was looking a little different than her normal bootylicious self.  A little busted as far as I'm concerned, and when compared to previous images of the diva, just plain odd.

I've consulted many of my celebrity loving friends, and we've narrowed it down to 3 possible options: face lift, losing weight, or eye brow shaping.  

Now, I really hope that Beyonce realizes that she is much too young to be getting a face lift, but this strange transformation from say, her Austin Powers days makes me question it.  Losing weight could have made her face skinnier overall, but doesn't account for her weird Mickey Mouse-esq appearance.  

I vote for eye brow shaping.  her eyebrows are much fuller than previously, and less curvaceous.  very similar to Beyonce's shrinking booty and hips.  And a bad waxing job really can change the whole shape of your face.  Maybe lose the extra weight in your brows lady, and put a little extra on the rockin body that made you famous in the first place.


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