Let me explain the url (junglee juice) and title (a day in the life) of this blog. While simply enjoyable to hear due to it’s lovely resemblance to JUNGLE juice one of everyones favorite college cocktails, it isn't just a reference to the carefree days of fun that every graduate misses so dearly.

Junglee is a Hindi word used to refer to wild ladies, who are not easy to control. Headstrong, confident women who refuse to take the common road, and pave their own path along the way. Dazzling, unstoppable women who move with the force of the wilderness behind them. This is the kind of ladies that have surrounded me throughout my life, college and beyond. This is the kind of female role model I hope to meet and encourage on this blog.

Second it’s a daily juice, a day in the life of a girl trying to make in this world after college, and graduate school are over, and the economy is tanking. Getting by in NYC opens the door to at least one funny story or encounter a day, and I plan to give you a once (or more) daily serving of this junglee daily juice.

This blog is a life style blog across many topics. It's a mish-mash of fashion, beauty products, cool stuff I come across in NYC, books, and interesting articles/fun facts I come across in the gazillion magazines I read. Generally, it's anything that intrigues me, and I think might intrigue you.

Want to know more about me? Want to know more about this blog? Questions? Comments? Email me at janice.rodden@gmail.com


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