Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Beat Sweaty Hat Forehead

Have you been working up a sweat every morning, slogging through the snow to get to the subway? No? That's only people in the Northeast? Well, for all those living in cities that have been repeatedly covered in blizzards, meet your new best friend. If you wear a hat on your way to work, or have bangs, your forehead can be a tricky place to keep the shine away. Enter Palladio Rice Paper Tissues. They're the Prom Queen to traditional oil absorbing sheets red headed step sister. Not only do they absorb a little  glisten from anywhere you blot them, if you flip them to the other side, they will leave a light layer of powder everywhere they touch. Voila! It's like you never sweat to begin with. Not that girls do that anyhow.

These papers stood the test of hot Tennessee days during a music festival and won. Re-purpose this warm weather tool to keep your face looking fab when the winter weather works against you. They're available at Ulta and Sally Hansen beauty supplies, and come in warm beige or natural. For those of you who aren't lucky enough to live near either of these stores, amazon's got em too!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lease a Piece of Nature

January birthdays are tough. You’re a little strapped for cash, and gift ideas after Christmas, and well, you just might not be in the giving spirit. Ok scrooge. That doesn’t stop people from being born. What to do? Get creative. I recently came across this lovely site called Rent Mother Nature.

Basically the deal is that you pick something natural that you like (think fruits, veggies, lobster), spend around 50 bucks and get an awesome present (for yourself or someone else). After you pick your pleasure, the network of farmers sends out a lease document to the gift recipient stating their limited time ownership of a share of the farm’s harvest products. The “lessee” gets a series of progress reports on how their crop is doing—usually 2-3, sometimes accompanied by photos.

Then, when the product you selected has matured, it’s delivered to your lucky Aquarius. You’ve solved your gifting dilemma, because really, who doesn’t like food? And you’ve helped to make the world a better place. Rent Mother Nature supports small independent (often family run) farms who are committed to natural, organic agriculture.  Now don’t you feel better? Check out the awesome pieces of mother nature available for lease, and the product it turns into below.

  • Maple tree: 50 oz. maple syrup
  • Cow: three, 8oz wheels of Brie or Cheddar
  • Goat: three 5oz logs of fresh Chevre (one each of plain, herb, and peppercorn)
  • Lobster: 7.5 lbs of fresh, live lobsters
  • Sheep: a 100% natural wool blanket
  • Coffee Tree: 4 trees=2 pounds of coffee, 2 trees=2 pounds of coffee
  • Honey Hives: 30oz of flavored honey (flavor based on the region you select)
  • Pistachio Tree: 3 lbs of nuts
  • Honeybell tree: 18lbs of juicy honeybell grapefruits
  • Pecan Tree: 3 pounds in-shell nuts
  • Wild Rice Bed: 3 lbs wild rice
  • Peach Tree: 13 peaches
  • Date Palm Tree: 4lbs of dates
  • Berry Patch: Three 10 oz jars one each of blueberry jam, cranberry marmalade, and beach plum jelly
  • Cocoa Tree: 5 pounds of 100% organic cocoa
  • Apple Tree: 8 pounds of McIntosh apples
  • Oyster: 4 dozen oysters from Washington’s Pacific coast
  • Wheat field: 5lbs of stone ground flour or bread mix
  • Grapefruit tree: 14lbs of ruby red grapefruit
  • Tangerine Tree: 14 lbs of honey tangerines
My stomach's growling just thinking about it. How about yours?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lanvin Reversible Dress

 The trend lately is not shopping in excess, but shopping to buy classics that will run for miles. It's about quality and longevity rather than simple quantity and flash. In his latest resort collection, Alber Elbaz takes this reusability to a whole new level. He offered skirts with changeable lengths, and even a reversible dress give you a two for the price of one hit. At $3055, it's nice to get a little more bang for your buck.

One side is a classic black sheath with just a hint of tulle at the bottom. A great LBD to accessorize differently, and wear again and again. But then, you flip it inside out, to reveal a tulle party dress. The same shift shape, but with a tulle overlay, and exposed back zipper that give the dress a little more sass. It's a dream for a lady travelling, saving space in your suitcase, and providing two totally different looks.

Images courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Invention


There's a little fashion invention that I would like to see on the market by the time spring hits. A cross between leggings and stockings for warmer weather. Legging on the top, gradual fade to stocking starting just above the knee to the ankle. Think the ombre effect, but rather than changing colors, changing thickness and translucency. Start with full coverage, opaque legging from the waist, fade to beautifully sheer stocking starting mid thigh all the way down. That way, if you want to wear a shorty short dress, you're not flashing vahjay, but you're not sweating either because the stocking bottom lets the breeze through. We already have every other possible variation on the legging from jegging to sparkle. We already have every other possible variation on the stocking: fishnet, thigh high, patterned, solid, colored. It's time we brought the two together. Even with this combo if you're feeling daring.


Can I get a hallelujah? Will someone design these for me please?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

State of the Union

Did you miss the State of the Union address a couple nights ago like I did? I blame Netflix for sending me The Wire on DVD and making me totally lose touch with the world. Well, never fear! Thanks to the wonders of the interwebz, you can watch the video, or read the official transcript at the White House website here. It's pretty interesting to see what Mr. President has to say, minus the over use of the phrase "Win the Future" and a couple typos (I'm just saying--proofread White House!). Read it, so at the very least, you know what everyone is talking about.

Best Burger

Everyone has a particular way they like a hamburger. Unless you're a vegetarian, and then you probably have a special way you like your veggie patty. It's one of those American cuisines where the toppings can really make the meal. Some like to fancy it up with cheddar and bacon, others with mushrooms and bleu cheese, or caramelized onions and Swiss. Then there's the purists who are all about simple, quality meat. You know who you are.

 And it's not just the toppings, it's the order that you put them on. It makes a difference. My ideal burger is on a nice crusty hard roll, with mayo on the bottom roll, a thick slice of tomato, then the medium-well meat topped with American cheese, sliced dill pickles and ketchup and mustard mixed together spread on the top bun. The classic.

Now an inventive jewelry designer has allowed you to take your condiment layering creativity to another realm, fashion. Tadaaki Wakamatsu designed these delectable little charms. You pick your toppings, and layer the charms to build your perfect (AND ADORABLE) burger necklace.
 Featured in the January 2011 issue of W magazine here. What's your ideal burger?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hilarious blog ALERT

A witty lady came up with a pretty hilarious idea. A blog devoted to notes for her future husband. It ranges from how he should behave (no baby talk, ever, even to babies), to things she wants (vip tickets to Coachella), things that are and are not cool during their life long marriage. It's a little bit raunchy, and a lotta bit funny. Check it out here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where have all the Princes gone?

As Valentine's Day approaches thousands of single women around the country are attacked with doubt, questioning their self worth for not having found the one just yet. They've been searching high and low for Prince Charming, but somehow, he's gone missing. Here's an interesting fact for all you ladies.

At Disney World, the home of fantasy creatures great and small, you can find and meet any princess you desire. Was Belle your role model when you were small? Great gold ball gowns, and men with beards? Or were you more of an Ariel lover, only wanting to emerge from Under the Sea to realize your dreams? Was the exotic jasmine leaving you searching for that perfect pair of harem pants? These ladies have only ever been a trip to Florida away for you to meet, pose for photos with, and idolize right there in the flesh. Every little girl's dream personified.
Now let's say a little boy has the same dream. He wants to meet the Prince Charming he admired in all the Disney flicks he watched with his sisters or cousins, or play group friends. And yet, when you go to Disney World, there is not a prince to be found. Michelle Williams revealed this interesting little piece of information to the world in her interview with Marie Claire magazine for the February issue. Her daughter, Matilda, met the princesses on a recent trip, and ready to complete the fantasy, asked an employee to direct her to where the princes were hiding out. His surprised reply? "Nobody has ever asked me that before. There aren't any princes here, honey."
They simply do not exist in "real life." And can you even remember any of there names? Just a little food for thought.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trend I'm Loving

All this snow lately has me fantasizing about springtime and the floaty frilly fashions I can wear once it is upon us. The thing I want most for spring? Scallop edged shorty shorts in beautiful cafe au lait hues. Marie Claire magazine featured one pair by Life: Curated in February's issue. Check out the feature here.
And all my favorite celebs are wearing them. I'm swooning over Chloe's high waisted pair.
Seen here on the lovely Leighton Meister.

On Kate Bosworth.

And finally, on Chloe Sevigny. Oh, for warm weather to be here, and tan legs exposed to the warm summer breeze.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heart Disease and Women

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and yet most people think it is a man's disease. Many women don't even know that the symptoms of heart disease present very differently for them than in men. Rather than pain in the left arm, and tightness in the chest, female heart attacks often come with nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, light headedness, and unusual fatigue. Worried?

Well rather than wasting time thinking your having a heart attack every time you are just a little hungry, know your risk. New technology makes it much easier to diagnose cardiac conditions in women. At your next trip to the doctor's, ask about  GE's Vscan. It allows physicians to see an image of your heart. Action you can take right now? Go to the American Heart Association's page and take their Go Red for Women free heart checkup quiz. Because in this case, what you don't know can hurt you.

A little beauty for your Sunday

Need some beauty to perk up your walls? Check out Catherine Parr's etsy shop, Silver Ridge Studio for more ethereal watercolors like these, with prices starting at only $35!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Excuse Me While I Rant

What is it with Superintendents in NYC? I’m not going to generalize and say that ALL supers suck, but I’m going to go with the fair understanding the MOST are absolutely terrible. Here’s the scenario: you get paid, or get free rent to take care of stuff in the building. So, when someone calls with something wrong, just do your job and fix it. How hard is that?

Maybe I’ve been a little spoiled in the past, so it makes my current situation rather difficult to live with. My first super was a doll. He owned and maintained the first apartment I lived in while I was still in college. We called him Peter Cottontail simply because his name was Peter and he was such a little cutie (and maybe his last name started with a C?). I liked him from the moment he took us apartment viewing with his small daughter, and while telling stories about football players ramming their heads in helmets through his walls quietly was instructing his child not to touch anything in the boys’ apartments because it was too dirty. Smart man. He came whenever we needed him, and even talked us through what to do when we saw our first mouse. He even came when we didn’t call to fix our shower, and never minded when we threw parties and he had to scrub puke off the steps.

My next super was called Angel, and he was. He lived in the complex, and came by within minutes of a call. He fixed things with a smile, and even helped us out on the weekends when he wasn’t supposed to be working because he was just so. darn. nice.I rewarded him with cupcakes on more than one occasion.

Now, imagine my shock to have a super as useless as the one I’ve had in my apartment for the past 3 years. Each year I have considered moving simply because it is such a headache any time anything goes wrong, which is not often, I might add. I only call him with emergencies and things I absolutely cannot fix myself because he is such a lazy douche. I am not a problem tenant. In the past 3 years, I can count the number of times I have called him on my fingers.

First, to fix closet doors and a towel bar that were broken when I moved in. The closet doors took him over two years to fix. The towel bar still never been replaced. At the same time as this call I asked him to help replace a light bulb as the ceilings are so high, and he was there anyhow “evaluating” the door situation. His response was that he did not have a ladder. Really? You don’t have any basic tools?

Another time, there was a leak in the apartment above that was causing the ceiling in my room to bulge, and threaten to collapse. It took the super over a week to come to my apartment to see the damage despite many pleas and messages about the severity of the situation. When he showed up, he was completely SHOCKED and appalled about how bad the situation was. I flipped out.

Then there was the time I called him to tend to the lack of cold water in the building, in the summer. Not only was it hot, but it was red. I may have been being poisoned, and was nearly burned every time I took a metallic smelling shower. The lack of cold water was not resolved until I, personally, contacted the EPA via 311 and forced the issue to a resolution.

Fast forward several months to today. I go to try to get a pair of boots to wear to work, and the knob to my closet door is broken. It just turns and turns and turns without unlatching. Of course, I called my super. I kind of need to be able to wear clothes over the weekend.

His typical response:
  • Well, I wasn’t planning to be at the building today: Oh really? Well I wasn’t planning on having my closet break today. Shit happens, spontaneously, and that’s when, wait for it, you DO YOUR JOB and fix it.
  • I only work between 9 and 5: I can’t imagine that I am the only other person in the building who also works 9-6, how will he ever fix anything?
  • I’ll be at the building at 10:30am, I can fix it then: Obviously I am at work like 90% of the population.
  • I’m not sure if I can do that, I’ll get back to you: This is usually followed by a series of unreturned phone calls in which he never gets back to me, or returns my phone calls asking why he never got back.

His response today:
  • I’m not sure if I can make it when you’re not at work. You should try to push the door open.

I’m sure that will work really really well. Does your super suck too?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because I'm Addicted

Well friends, today I discovered a new favorite blog. I think I like her because she’s a little bit like me, except she lives in LA. She can’t seem to pigeon hole her blog into being fashion, or events in her city, or jewelry that intrigues her, or nail polish colors, or just things she really really likes (aka is currently addicted to). So, she has it all. Just my kind of lady. And to top it all off, she has a tumblr counterpart to the page where you can go enjoy pretty pictures.

I came across the blog in the highlights of bloglovin (one more reason to join and follow me: see sidebar at right!) when I was doing my daily crawl of my regulars, and now I have to add Because Im Addicted to my blog list.

Check out the DIY section in her right sidebar. There are so many things I want to make! The post that hooked me in was the diy: woven chains. Click through to find out the deets on how to make one yourself. 

I know I’ll be making a shopping trip soon for the proper materials! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shove off Winter with Shrovetide

Sick of all the ice and snow? The cold weather? Plan a Shrovetide festival to chase winter away. This traditionally Slavic festival typically occurs in the last week of February. The celebration includes sledding in bright colors, family parties, singing carols. Oh, and one more thing, pancakes in the shape of sun to symbolize the coming of spring, and everything strong and new. Maybe if we start now, we can send Old Man Winter packing a little early this year. And have a little fun while you're at it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First time for Everything

This year is the first time I've ever watched the Golden Globes. I'll wait while you pick your jaws up off the floor. I'm not a huge awards show person, and honestly, I just forget when they're on and end up reading the results online (read: save 5 hours of my life). On Sunday, I happened to be with my BFFL who happens to be an awards show fanatic, so we watched. My favorite parts? The red carpet, and the boozy celebrity comments after the awards were over. There seemed to be a dress code requirement that you MUST wear sparkle, and I couldn't have loved it more. The dresses were so glitzy that I had to make an exception to the rule and do a little celebrity, awards show admiring. I could not resist all the glitter! Here are my fave dazzling dresses of the night.
 Carrie Underwood hoping to blind all the girls staring at her hottie hockey player hubbie
 Angelina in Atelier Versace. Remind anyone else of the Emerald City? (in a good way)
 Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
 America's Sweetheart in Jenny Packham
 OMIGOD my favorite of the night!! Olivia Wilde in frothy glimmering perfection
Scarlett Johaneson in Elie Saab.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beer Discovery Tour

After I graduated college, I went on a quest to determine what kind of beer I really liked. Sound counter-intuitive? It wasn’t that I did not drink and enjoy lots of beer in college, it was more that my standards had changed. Rather than judging a brew by cheapest price and easiest to guzzle from a funnel, I began to judge by taste. There was no real scientific approach, just that when I went to a bar, I would survey the taps. Whenever I saw one that I had never tried before, I ordered it. I didn’t ask for a taste. Those tiny little glasses they give you don’t do the flavors justice. You really need to commit to a whole pint if you are going to determine-really-if you like it, or if you don’t.

I learned quite a bit about my tastes. I seriously dislike stouts. Unless it’s Guiness, and you happen to be dropping a shot of Bailey’s and Jameson into it then chugging it, for that stout, I will make the occasional exception. I love, love, love fruit flavored beers. This wasn’t really surprising, given my affinity for cider (Strongbow and Magner's preferably over Woodchuck). Give me a blueberry beer and you can call me happy. I also like cherry and apricot, though I’m not as big a fan of raspberry. I have been on a mission to try strawberry beer since I saw the movie Beerfest, but so far no luck. I enjoy a good heffeweisen. My two favorite beers are Schneider Weisse and Franziskaner. I can take or leave lagers depending on how dark they are, and Pilsners are just OK.

So why, you might ask, am I pondering my taste in beers on this lovely Saturday? Well, today I am attending beer summit with the BFFL, my VERY FIRST beer summit. And, well, I’m pretty excited about it. If there is an occasion for sampling, this is it. Breweries from all over meet in one area, and let you taste their wares. I cannot wait to find a new favorite to add to my list. If you are on a beer quest like mine, this would be an excellent place to start.

On the list of breweries I plan to sample today are:

  • Kennebeck River
  • Spaten
  • Woodchuck
  • Affligem/Weihenstephaner
  • Saranac
  • Dogfish
  • Uncle Frank
  • Clown Shoes

And hopefully many more. Now go out there and find a beer you love.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway

I'll be spending a fabulous 3 day weekend in Boston. Reasons I'm excited?

Do you have any special plans for your holiday weekend?

Food=Friend or Foe?

In the past couple months, I’ve been hearing quite a bit of buzz about the failings of the American diet, rumblings about why there is a problem with obesity in this country, and what to do about it. More and more spin offs of the biggest loser keep popping up on every conceivable television network. I’ve been noticing more and more obese people on the subways, in Manhattan, a city typically known for it’s obsession with being thin.

It all started with an article in Vogue about Daphne Miller, a physician who traveled the world searching for nutritional indicators as to why certain diseases that plague other nations do not exist in locations including Iceland, Mexico, and Africa. She examined differences in rates of depression, heart disease, and diabetes and found that certain nutritional patterns greatly decreased if not eradicated chances of developing the diseases. Miller employed the metaphor that food is like the soil that our bodies grow in, if we eat a diet sucked free of the nutrients we need, how can we expect to grow anything but a withered, yellow plant? Or, if we over feed with one type of nutrient or fertilizer, a plant whose body wildly exceeds its normal size? I snapped up her book The Jungle Effect to learn more.

Then I started reading about the South Beach Diet (it is the season for new years weight loss resolutions, no?). The cardiologist who invented it, Dr. Agatston, speaks at length about the reason that carbohydrates are often shunned in popular diets. It’s not what you think. Agatston is an advocate of incorporating carbs into your diet, the healthy kind, like those found in fruit and veggies, and whole grains. Bread and pasta are not evil. The reason that carbs are dangerous to Americans is because they are so overly processed that all fiber and nutritional value that allows our bodies to process them appropriately have been stripped. Instead of moving the carbs into the body as fuel with their partner fiber to help processing along, they are processed directly into simple sugars, cause an imbalance in blood chemistry, and are often stored as fat. This has resulted in wide spread insulin resistance (a pre-cursor to diabetes-EEK!).

Most recently there is the ruckus created by Gary Taubs, a diet writer who insists that it is something wrong with the food supply in America that is causing our bodies to store too much energy in our fat tissue. This means, as a nation, we have chronically elevated insulin levels. The culprit is simple carbs. They are in everything as sugar, over processed starch, and you’ve got it, high fructose corn syrup. Scary stuff. I just heard that the corn refiner’s association wants to rename the stuff corn sugar since so many negative health links (high triglyceride levels and obesity) have been established with products containing high fructose corn syrup. A new name won’t make it healthy.

I was at the gym last night, and I read a fourth piece of disturbing info. Women’s Health Magazine reports on a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition that discovered it’s not just carbohydrates that are getting worse and worse for you in America. The constant desire for faster, cheaper, easier food at the expense of quality and nutritional value has decreased the amount of nutrients that common whole foods contain since 1950. Carrots contain 24% less Iron. Eggplant contains 44% less ascorbic acid. Broccoli contains 37% less calcium, and winter squash contains 52% less riboflavin. The study pegs pressure on farmers to grow bigger and faster crops through fertilizer use which limits the amount of time plants spend growing, and thus, the number of nutrients they can absorb before harvest.

If you can’t turn to whole fruits and veggies for nutrition, what’s left? I think it’s time for our food producers to take a long look at what we’re doing to ourselves as a country with the most basic human function. We are what we eat.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unlucky Breaks

I recently received a gift subscription to Lucky magazine. Yay! Another magazine to read! Overall, I liked the mag, but on page 54 is where the magic happened. There was a “What I want Now!” page featuring the lovely Sondra Roberts pink chiffon clutch shown below, and LUCKY me, it was designated a lucky break item. For these special products, anyone who buys the mag and flips to the back gets a special discount.

Swoon. I’ve been looking for a cute clutch that would go with black and brown, dressy and jeans with a chain strap. This teak rose color was the perfect little number!

I couldn’t wait to get off the subway, get home, and order myself one. Well, friends, the magic ended here, and I must say that I may never trust Lucky’s special breaks again.

The website they provide where you can get the discount does not appear to sell anything. And further, the purse shown on glorious page 54 does not seem to exist.

After a little googling, I found the Sondra Robers R48526 clutch for $88 (listed for $100 in the magazine). However, it doesn’t seem to be the same bag pictured. It’s more oval shaped, and a little smaller. And it happens to be sold out, everywhere.  To the publishers: please check your facts, and then publish. I am a very unsatisfied customer.

I did find what appears to be the actual bag pictured in Lucky, only in white through White House Black Market, for $88.
Now the only question is, do I like it as much in this color?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kate Bosworth designs Jewelry

It's called Jewelmint, and she designs each piece with her BFF Cher Coulter. For $30 a month, you can pick a piece once each month at 70% off the retail value. The positives? It's cute, hippy jewelry, and you get to take a quiz that evaluates selections you might like. It characterizes you into a type based on photos and fashion choices you like. I happen to lean towards effortless beauty (apparently...). The negatives? Based on your selections, you can only view part of their inventory, and certain pieces each month. And yet, the innovative site gives suggestions for what to wear it with, what inspired it, and an activity it might be perfect for all in one shot. The Coachella chain shown above should be paired with a jumper, worn to a picnic in the park, and gets it's name from Kate's trip to a certain music festival in Cali. Groovy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just in case you need a reason to buy those fabulous shoes...

A study found that each inch in height tacks on $789 more in yearly salary. You're welcome.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amy taking on Archetypes

There are certain actors and actress who play the same type so often that it makes you wonder, are they acting, or are they just playing themselves? Can they only do one thing?

Take Charlie Sheen. In real life, he is a total douche. He abuses women, drinks too much, and in general appears to be a scummy womanizer, albeit some may find him handsome and charming. I’ve never really got it, but to each her own right? Take a look at his character on Two and a Half Men. See the parallels?

Then let’s think about Angelina Jolie. She tends to play fierce, sexy, powerful women. Does that sound like her in real life? I’d say so. She runs a household with 8 kids, managed to snap up Brad Pitt—the sexiest man alive at the time---- and still finds time to fight world problems as a UN ambassador. I’m guessing if you pissed her off, she’d probably kick your ass, then carry your blood around in a vial on her necklace.

I could say the same of George Clooney. He seems to be the handsome, wickedly funny seducer of women in each and every role he takes on, with his eye crinkle and inviting smirk. I think the line of beauties he’s dated speak for themselves.

Catherine Heigl? As much as I love the quirky beauty in every role she’s played, let’s be serious here. She always manages to seduce the unlikely lover with her humor, gorgeous hair, and slightly odd ball tendencies. I’m guessing she’s the honest, funny lady with a stinging tongue in real life. We all heard about her verbal lashing of Isaiah Washington’s bigotry in the famous Grey’s Anatomy scandal, am I right?

Amy Adams was in danger of pigeon holing herself into a similar pattern. She’s played the doe eyed ingénue in: Enchanted, The Wedding Date, Julia and Julia, and Leap Year. Can you pick a role that screams I’m innocent, naïve, and a fragile little flower MORE than a Disney princess?

What I’ve wondered in the past, is this really the girl that Amy Adams is? Well, she just hasn’t been in the tabloids enough for me to know. Then I went to see The Fighter, in which Amy stars opposite Mark Wahlberg as a bartender with a trucker’s mouth, and a temper.

She plays an angry Bostonian like 2nd nature. Throw in a couple sexy scenes and her midriff tops at the bar, and Amy has just turned the paradigm she’d created on it’s head. There is no innocence here, and it’s the world weary wisdom of such a young girl that makes her character both appealing and inspiring as she picks up after some bad choices, tough breaks, and tries to make a life for herself and the man she adores. Before this movie, I would have thought, Amy Adams would never fight, or pull hair, but rather flutter around making the world a better place. Now I’d have to say she’d be a tough opponent.

It’s a courageous performance. Amy bares nearly all in the movie, and yet was not all skin and bones like most actresses who do nearly nude scenes. She had a little (tiny) bit of tummy and actual arms that didn’t look like twigs. I appreciate someone who has the nerve to get up there and put it all on the table, the ugly parts of life, and a real body on the big screen. Well played Amy, well played.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Lipgloss is Poppin

Everyone has one, that lip gloss that was their favorite when they were a teen, but then they somehow lost track of---maybe it was discontinued, maybe you graduated to lipstick, or maybe you just forgot you ever liked it in the first place. I’ve had many lip glosses that I’ve loved. It all started with Lip Smackers in sugary flavors like Cotton Candy and Dr. Pepper. However, their chapsticky, fast fading shine didn’t really do it for me.

So, I branched out. I wore Bath and Body Works Dewdrop gloss complete with a fancy wand to apply it rather than a tube you screw up when it wears down. It was love. Shiny, thick clear gloss at any mall. Then they discontinued it.

Now that I’m a little older, I still enjoy lip shine. Even when I wear a lip tint, or stain, my pout just doesn’t seem complete without a little gloss to top it off. Yes, I am one of the ladies in my 20’s who has not yet started wearing lipstick. It just looks weird.

These days I like DuWop Lip Venom brand, in original. In the positive, it’s a clear, not too sticky shine it makes my lips a little fuller, and it smells like cinnamon. Yet, it’s ultra-tiny tube has a habit of getting lost a day or two after I buy it, it’s a little pricey, and when I inevitably get it in my mouth, my tongue gets a little numb from the plumping ingredients. Not satisfied.

Then, I was doing a major clean of my childhood room while I was home for the holidays. And I came across a tin of my old standby, Candy Kisses buried in the bottom of an old purse from High School. A series of thoughts went racing through my head.

How could I have ever forgotten about this glorious gloss? Won’t my friends think this is hilarious? Do they even still make this stuff? I wonder if its still good?

I opened up the tin (still magically sealed in plastic), and gave it a try. Magic! After many years of sitting in the dark unused, it is still fabulous gloss. I’ve been carting it around in my purse for the past couple weeks, and my love has been renewed.  Let’s just say I’m hooked again. It has SPF. It smells delicious. If you happen to get some in your mouth, it has a delightful taste. And lucky me! It was my favorite flavor (strawberry) I happened upon. I was pondering how I’d live without it, and what I’ll do when I use up this tin. I haven’t come across it in stores for years.

A couple minutes of googling and I had my answer. Candy Kisses still exists! AND there are more flavors than I even knew existed. Mango? Peach? Chocolate Mint? YUM! And you can order it in quantities ranging from 1 tin to 12 in a package. AND at $10.50 for 6 tins, it’s a bargain. Just beware, bubble gum smells gross. Vanilla is a little too white, watermelon is a little too pink, strawberry is juuuussst right. The company doesn’t test on animals, use any animal products in their gloss, and as a bonus, if you don’t use it all at once, it will last for many many years, and still be just as fab when you happen upon it again. Take a little trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Obligatory New Year's Post

I don’t typically make new years resolutions. Why set yourself up for failure when you are just starting fresh with a clean slate for the year? I mean really, surviving winter in the northeast is enough of a job on its own. I think the main problem with resolutions is that people tend to be a little too ambitious, setting lofty goals that are just annoying to complete, overly difficult, or so strict they are impossible to stick to for any length of time (helloo? Swearing off sweets after weeks of eating nearly exclusively Christmas cookies—does that seem easy?). This year, I wasn’t planning to resolve to do anything besides live my life, and to look fabulous in my bridesmaid dress by April. 

But then, I talked to my co-worker on January 3rd. She had a list of many things she plans to do to improve herself this year. So, to take the lazy lady’s approach, I’m going to steal a couple of her resolutions rather than making my own. 

  • Read one article in Spanish once a week. I used to be a very good Spanish speaker, reader, and writer. Flash forward 5 years from me studying abroad, and my foreign language skills are rather worse for the wear. It’s amazing how fast they fade when you don’t use them every day. Here’s to not letting them get any worse. 
  • Pay attention to the World news. Anyone else rely on their relatives to call and inform them of major events? Hands? Ok, I know it’s a rather hands off approach to knowing what is up around the globe, but sometimes the news is just down right depressing. Adding a news website to my google homepage as we speak. 

And here’s a couple I’ve added on myself: 

  • Clean my fridge. I’m pretty sure that there’s a bag of moldy shredded cheese, and an open bottle of wine that is at least 3 months old kicking around in there somewhere. While I’m at it, I just might clean the freezer too. Goodbye ice cube trays stained with some mysterious orange liquid. 
  • Organize my closet. While I was home for the holidays, I got rid of 4 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. It felt good. As a bonus, I received a lovely set of hot pink no-slip hangers for Christmas, so I need an excuse to take everything out, and put it back in again. I’m hoping I make enough room that it’s not an arm workout picking out a top anymore, and so I don’t create a major avalanche every single time I wear a sweater. 
There you have it. What are your plans for 2011?


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