Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kate Bosworth designs Jewelry

It's called Jewelmint, and she designs each piece with her BFF Cher Coulter. For $30 a month, you can pick a piece once each month at 70% off the retail value. The positives? It's cute, hippy jewelry, and you get to take a quiz that evaluates selections you might like. It characterizes you into a type based on photos and fashion choices you like. I happen to lean towards effortless beauty (apparently...). The negatives? Based on your selections, you can only view part of their inventory, and certain pieces each month. And yet, the innovative site gives suggestions for what to wear it with, what inspired it, and an activity it might be perfect for all in one shot. The Coachella chain shown above should be paired with a jumper, worn to a picnic in the park, and gets it's name from Kate's trip to a certain music festival in Cali. Groovy.

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