Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Burger

Everyone has a particular way they like a hamburger. Unless you're a vegetarian, and then you probably have a special way you like your veggie patty. It's one of those American cuisines where the toppings can really make the meal. Some like to fancy it up with cheddar and bacon, others with mushrooms and bleu cheese, or caramelized onions and Swiss. Then there's the purists who are all about simple, quality meat. You know who you are.

 And it's not just the toppings, it's the order that you put them on. It makes a difference. My ideal burger is on a nice crusty hard roll, with mayo on the bottom roll, a thick slice of tomato, then the medium-well meat topped with American cheese, sliced dill pickles and ketchup and mustard mixed together spread on the top bun. The classic.

Now an inventive jewelry designer has allowed you to take your condiment layering creativity to another realm, fashion. Tadaaki Wakamatsu designed these delectable little charms. You pick your toppings, and layer the charms to build your perfect (AND ADORABLE) burger necklace.
 Featured in the January 2011 issue of W magazine here. What's your ideal burger?

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