Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Invention


There's a little fashion invention that I would like to see on the market by the time spring hits. A cross between leggings and stockings for warmer weather. Legging on the top, gradual fade to stocking starting just above the knee to the ankle. Think the ombre effect, but rather than changing colors, changing thickness and translucency. Start with full coverage, opaque legging from the waist, fade to beautifully sheer stocking starting mid thigh all the way down. That way, if you want to wear a shorty short dress, you're not flashing vahjay, but you're not sweating either because the stocking bottom lets the breeze through. We already have every other possible variation on the legging from jegging to sparkle. We already have every other possible variation on the stocking: fishnet, thigh high, patterned, solid, colored. It's time we brought the two together. Even with this combo if you're feeling daring.


Can I get a hallelujah? Will someone design these for me please?

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