Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where have all the Princes gone?

As Valentine's Day approaches thousands of single women around the country are attacked with doubt, questioning their self worth for not having found the one just yet. They've been searching high and low for Prince Charming, but somehow, he's gone missing. Here's an interesting fact for all you ladies.

At Disney World, the home of fantasy creatures great and small, you can find and meet any princess you desire. Was Belle your role model when you were small? Great gold ball gowns, and men with beards? Or were you more of an Ariel lover, only wanting to emerge from Under the Sea to realize your dreams? Was the exotic jasmine leaving you searching for that perfect pair of harem pants? These ladies have only ever been a trip to Florida away for you to meet, pose for photos with, and idolize right there in the flesh. Every little girl's dream personified.
Now let's say a little boy has the same dream. He wants to meet the Prince Charming he admired in all the Disney flicks he watched with his sisters or cousins, or play group friends. And yet, when you go to Disney World, there is not a prince to be found. Michelle Williams revealed this interesting little piece of information to the world in her interview with Marie Claire magazine for the February issue. Her daughter, Matilda, met the princesses on a recent trip, and ready to complete the fantasy, asked an employee to direct her to where the princes were hiding out. His surprised reply? "Nobody has ever asked me that before. There aren't any princes here, honey."
They simply do not exist in "real life." And can you even remember any of there names? Just a little food for thought.


Mimi said...

i read about that! matilda is growing up to be a smart girl. :D

i do know ariel's is prince eric and aurora's is prince phillip, and cinderella's was just prince charming right?

<3, Mimi

hiani16 said...

I'm not sure! The only one I could remember was Aladdin!


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