Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Beat Sweaty Hat Forehead

Have you been working up a sweat every morning, slogging through the snow to get to the subway? No? That's only people in the Northeast? Well, for all those living in cities that have been repeatedly covered in blizzards, meet your new best friend. If you wear a hat on your way to work, or have bangs, your forehead can be a tricky place to keep the shine away. Enter Palladio Rice Paper Tissues. They're the Prom Queen to traditional oil absorbing sheets red headed step sister. Not only do they absorb a little  glisten from anywhere you blot them, if you flip them to the other side, they will leave a light layer of powder everywhere they touch. Voila! It's like you never sweat to begin with. Not that girls do that anyhow.

These papers stood the test of hot Tennessee days during a music festival and won. Re-purpose this warm weather tool to keep your face looking fab when the winter weather works against you. They're available at Ulta and Sally Hansen beauty supplies, and come in warm beige or natural. For those of you who aren't lucky enough to live near either of these stores, amazon's got em too!

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