Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unlucky Breaks

I recently received a gift subscription to Lucky magazine. Yay! Another magazine to read! Overall, I liked the mag, but on page 54 is where the magic happened. There was a “What I want Now!” page featuring the lovely Sondra Roberts pink chiffon clutch shown below, and LUCKY me, it was designated a lucky break item. For these special products, anyone who buys the mag and flips to the back gets a special discount.

Swoon. I’ve been looking for a cute clutch that would go with black and brown, dressy and jeans with a chain strap. This teak rose color was the perfect little number!

I couldn’t wait to get off the subway, get home, and order myself one. Well, friends, the magic ended here, and I must say that I may never trust Lucky’s special breaks again.

The website they provide where you can get the discount does not appear to sell anything. And further, the purse shown on glorious page 54 does not seem to exist.

After a little googling, I found the Sondra Robers R48526 clutch for $88 (listed for $100 in the magazine). However, it doesn’t seem to be the same bag pictured. It’s more oval shaped, and a little smaller. And it happens to be sold out, everywhere.  To the publishers: please check your facts, and then publish. I am a very unsatisfied customer.

I did find what appears to be the actual bag pictured in Lucky, only in white through White House Black Market, for $88.
Now the only question is, do I like it as much in this color?

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Marie said...

Sorry about that!

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