Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it me, or do things right out of the jar just taste better?

I mean seriously here, nothing can beat sitting on the couch with a spoon and your jar of peanut butter and your jar of jelly.  You take the spoon, dip it in the peanut butter, then dip it in the jelly jar and enjoy.  Sure, your jelly gets some peanut butter in it, but who cares?  When's the last time you ate jelly without peanut butter anyways?  Some may call it gross to double dip then lick then double dip again, but I call it pure deliciousness.  

In the mood for a salty snack?  Try pretzel sticks or your finger dipped in nutella straight from the bottle.  Or a jar of olives and a fork. And it cuts down on dishes. Can't beat that.

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