Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm back

There's nothing like a long absence from, well, anything to refresh your fondness for it in the first place. Let's be serious, I was getting straight up annoyed with NYC about a month and a half ago. The flurry of people everywhere, constantly getting in my way, the incessant walking , how gosh darn expensive absolutely everything is was just getting on my nerves. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this city has a way of wearing you down, no matter how much you like it.

Fast forward 7 weeks and after a prolonged period of on again off again traveling for work, I could not be happier to settle down into this city for a while and just.not.go.anywhere. I will resume my regular blogging habits now that I'll have all that extra time that I won't be spending packing and unpacking my tiny pink suit case every couple days.

Instead, I have a packed agenda of eating out, going to bars, viewing every Christmas sight in the city, and going ice skating. And you know what? I'm pretty pumped. Being away has reminded me of everything I missed while I was gone, and the couple things I didn't. 

We'll start with the suck-o parts of NYC:

  • Having to make my own bed, and take out my own trash. That was one part of hotel living that I really could get used to. I make a mess, the maid picks it up while I’m at work.
  • Walking places when it's COLD and WINDY there is no coat with enough down, no boots with enough fur, and no scarf hat combo that can adequately keep out the winter chill from icy gusts
  • The NASTY nasty smells. I got in a cab and had to roll down the window because the body odor/vomit stench was so strong it was making me nauseous
  • The lack of country music stations on the radio. Hey, everyone feels like a little Tim McGraw every now and again.

The above listed make me miss my rental car that smelled only of fresh new car scent and my own perfume that I could leave idling until it warmed up to a nice hot temperature.

On the other hand, there are some things that are pretty awesome:
  • Not having a car. I know. I just said I missed mine, but then again tonight I plan to go to happy hour, and instead of being stressed about having 1 beer per hour so I can drive home, I can have  2 or 3, or as many as my heart desires with no worries about drunk driving. And you know what else? Getting a little exercise on my way home sure beats looking for a parking spot.
  • Ethnic food and healthy eating out options. This is the biggie. Where I was, there was nothing but chain restaurants that relied on frying and soaking in oil to imbue food with a hint of flavor. It’s pretty safe to say that my poor little tummy has been upset and craving veggies for the entire time I was gone. Where I dreaded eating the drab restaurant food for the past few weeks, now I cannot wait to get myself to a Thai place for some Pad See Ew, to order one of 10 salad options from a single restaurant to be delivered to my home, and to get to the grocery store for some whole fruits and veggies.
  • My view of the Chrysler building from my desk window. The Maine Capitol building doesn’t hold a candle to my regular view.
  • Establishments that stay open past 9pm. What if I want to take a nap after work before starting my evening?
  • CHRISTMAS FERVOR. No place does Christmas like NYC period. This weekend alone I will see carolers, a tree lighting, a giant menorah, and drink hot cocoa. Jealous?
  • My friends and my vast nail polish collection. Airport security does not look kindly upon those traveling with too many liquids in their carryons, so 5 nail polish options were out.
  • Strangers who don’t talk to you. I’m not a morning person, and I appreciate the glares or lack of eye contact I receive from others on my morning commute. I prefer to know that other people are pissed off to be awake too, rather than to smile and make small talk while before I’ve had my coffee at the continental breakfast.

With that said, I’m back, I’m happy to be back, and I’ll stop being an absentee blogger now. Sorry about the little break in posts guys!

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