Friday, December 17, 2010

Sparkly Things

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I know. I said I was back, and going to be blogging regularly. Sorry guys. I LIED. I meant it at the time, but then I was busy, and I was tired, and all the travel of the past couple months caught up with me. Throw in a few visitors, and a couple debilitating migraines, and my blog has gone down the tubes for the past couple weeks. BUT NOW, beginning the end of the day today, I will be on vacation for two weeks, which means among other fabulous things, lots of free time to blog as much as I please.

Speaking of fabulous things. How about these shoes? They have been gleaming at me from the window of the Aldo I walk by every single day on my way home from work, begging me to come in, try them on, and take them home. What girl doesn't want to own a sparkly wonderful pair of heels like these? They make me want to put them on and dance the night away all around town in a short little number. Aldo even categorizes them on their website as party shoes. That is how much they just shimmer FUN! JOY! HAPPINESS!

I want them, I need them, I have to own them, but alas. Aldo does not sell shoes in half sizes (Damn them!), so I know they will never fit my feet properly. Yet I'm still considering it. I was at H&M, trying on a very blah, peach and magenta chiffon dress. Everything about it was neutral and boring, except for the FACT that they would pair perfectly with these bad larrys, or GONES if you want to go with the name Aldo gave them. I almost bought said ugly dress just to have an excuse to buy the sparkly footwear to go with it.

Then continue on my walk home, and you pass Urban Outfitters, which has this sparkly number, the Silence and Noise Lords a Leaping dress in the front window. The model in the pic is just not doing it justice. It is a sequined confection that has delicate boning  that you can just tell would push up and scoop low in all the right places.It begs to be worn with a little cleavage, some red lipstick, and perhaps some silver heels. Even as a person who typically hates New Year's Eve, it makes me want to throw this on, and celebrate it every day!

What is it about this time of year that makes a girl crave sequins and sparkles?

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