Sunday, October 9, 2011

Whether to Feather

So you've seen it on everyone this summer, little glints of feather popping out here and there. I've noticed the trend sprouting out everywhere from Bonnaroo all the way to NYC. I love it, but naturally, I had a few questions. Over the summer they were pops of bright pink and green. Now that fall is here? Creamy cafe au lait tones, and deep browns that blend with hair.

My first thought, was where are all the feathers coming from? They're rooster, ostrich, turkey or pheasant. Any it turns out they're the same variety used in deep sea fishing lures. The fishermen? They're a little peeved that tackle shops are running out of hackles because the fashion industry has been snatching them all up.

If you're itching to get some feathers in your tresses, here's a few things you should know. You can style as usual. Wash. Dry. Curl. Repeat. Most salons offer their services. For a feather fling, pick you a snap in set for happy hour at $25 a pop from companies like Sutra Hair Accents. Remove for your board meeting the next day.

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