Monday, March 30, 2009

Already Zagat rated, but worth another mention.

As anyone who went to Fordham Rose Hill, or eats out regularly in the Little Italy of the Bronx already knows, Arthur Avenue and 187th street are a complete culinary jackpot.  Not only do the restaurants rival any others in NYC with their authentic italian fare, but there are countless specialty shops doing it right the old fashioned Italian way.

If you're looking for fresh mozzarella, don't be convinced into buying it at any of the countless vendors besides Casa della Mozzarella at 604 East 187th st.  Take a number and head straight to the back where you'll find old men hovering over steaming pots of creamy balls of deliciousness, and cringing if you ask for it any way besides fresh muzzzzahhhhrellll.  There are three size options: small, medium, and large, but the small size is by no means a meager portion.  

Zagat has already found it and reviewed it, and they have got it right this time.  It is the best mozzarella to be had anywhere outside of Rome's decadent buffalo mozzarella.  Flavorful and lightly salted, it melts away in your mouth with a full bodied cheesy taste, not the overly watery, almost rubbery mass that most fresh mozzarella can be.  It makes a wonderful pairing with a loaf of freshly sliced olive bread from the Macedonia bakery right around the corner and down Arthur Ave.   Next time you find yourself in the boogie down, be sure to check it out.

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