Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can't we all Just Leave Jennifer Aniston alone?

This is getting a little ridiculous.  I go to sign into my aol mail account this morning, and am greeted by the headline: "Outing Jen in a Tell all?"  With the subtext: "John denies it, but tab says he'll sell dirty secrets."  I mean COME ON!  What kind of dirty secrets could Jennifer Aniston, aka the girl next  door really be hiding?  And why would we believe a tabloid magazine over what John Mayer actually says?  I don't know why this ridiculous thing made it to the front of AOL "news" anyways.

Let's be serious here, Angelina Jolie is the homewrecking hussy who strode into Jen and Brad's happy marriage during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and did all but publicly confess to luring Brad away while he was still married.  Yet, she is practically a saint because she suddenly decided to stop wearing people's blood and kissing her brother and adopt a few kids of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds.

And here is Jennifer Aniston, on the other side of things, just trying to stay out of the media's attention--she has made it very known that she hates paparazi---and have a normal relationship, but people just won't let her alone.  Meanwhile, Angelina practically whores herself out to photogs, and has even struck deals with them to allow them to take as many pictures as they want of her as long as they only publish flattering ones.  Yet she is cast as the demure mother, only looking to save the world.

Can't we just let the media competition die?  I mean, really, I'm pretty over it, and if we're gonna compare these two leading ladies Jen really needs to stop being demonized.  Don't get me wrong, I love Angelina and her movies.  I'm just saying, wronged women, single divorcee--let's cut Jen a break here.  She can definitely do better than John Mayer anyways--she was Rachel from Friends.  She's absolutely hilarious, and had a hair cut named after her.  Enough said.

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