Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Hero Trending

Maybe it's the upcoming movie release of the graphic novel Watchmen. Maybe it's two of my favorite bad ass fashion trends that are out right now. But there is definitely something in the air that is making me want to dress up in sky high black leather heels, tight pants, and rock a super hero attitude. I'm talking vamp.

Here's how to get the look. Start with a pair of the liquid black leggings that are quickly making matte, fabric leggings yesterday's look. Just a little warning: they will make your ass look as sexy as you think they will. They aren't for those who are shy to make a statement. The ultrashiny, looks-like-patent-leather-painted-on will draw strange looks from strangers. These pants must come with a sassy attitude.

Saver: Silence and Noise, Super Shiny Black Legging $28 from Urban Outfitters.
Spender: Members Only Rubber Legging $88 (Now found at Urban Outfitters for $59.99!!)

Next, find a pair of ankle booties to match, with a sturdy, I could kick butt in these, heel. I prefer 3 inches and up, otherwise the effect is lost.

If you like to dream big, and have serious cash to spare, complete the look with Gucci's Babouska bootie:
But know that if a shoe has a name, it will cost you an arm and a leg to buy it.

Or for those of us who can't afford designer prices, check out Steve Madden's studded bootie, aptly called the marvel bootie after the comic book line.Or for those of us even more on a budget, watch TJ Maxx for Madden Girl boots, which they frequently feature at prices as low as $30 per pair, a style that's still knockout, but not a TKO punch to the wallet.

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