Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 Train madness

Anyone who has commuted in the morning rush on the green line knows it is not a pretty sight, especially at about 8:40 on the dot when most people are squeezing in at the last possible moment/train before they absolutely will be late to work. It is not a pretty sight. Men lost sight of all chivalry. Grown adults elbow, push, and squabble. I, for one, tend to be unstressed once I actually get to the subway platform. I have endured the 10 minute race-walk from my apartment to the subway to make up for the extra 15 minutes I spent picking out my outfit and hitting snooze, and now all I have to do is ride to the office. I have actually figured out that if I leave 5 minutes earlier I can catch a train that usually isn't so packed, but I am seldom able to do that.

You walk into the subway, planning for the worst, but sometimes if you time it just right you walk right on to an emptier train and can snag a seat right from your stop. My pet peeve? Not the pushers or the fighters--they are just amusing--but the people who are totally fast asleep in their seats when I get stuck standing in front of them. This just means that they aren't planning to get off anytime soon, and today will not be a day when I get to enjoy my coffee seated while reading my magazine on the train. Instead I will be looking at your peacefully slumbering face, all the while being jostled around and considering kicking you in the shins just so you can experience the ride with the rest of the car. Wake up people. You're just pissing everyone else off.

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