Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do they put in the nail polish?

Last night I had the most wonderful mani-pedi experience. First of all, it was cheap. It was clean and fast, and the sweet lady who did my nails was fantastic. She even plastic wrapped my toes and zipped my coat for me when I left so my boots didn't mess up my toes and I didn't mess up my nails. I'm totally using that trick when I paint my toes before bed.

As a bonus, she gave me a little calendar planner complete with maps in the back (which I really need since I am completely geography challenged), full of coupons for more cheap beauty treatments.

The salon was stocked with Essie nail polish. I went for Bahama Mama. Yet, I am beginning to lose faith in the brand I used to love so much. Even with a manicurist's skilled hands, little bubbles appear after a second coat, making my nail polish look carbonated. Though their range of shades and cute little names is totally unparalleled, OPI is just better. It goes on smoother, looks shinier, and doesn't chip off as easily. But no matter what brand I use, I can never quite get the same results as when I get my nails done. They are just not as shiny. What do they put in their nail polish?

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