Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color Dipped Hair

Let’s face it guys, there are some days when having a job in corporate America, well, it just really cramps my style. While I do enjoy the steady paycheck, and the lack of manual labor from my job, the Monday through Friday, 9-6 professionalism can get to be too much.

First there’s the lack of being able to get outside and do stuff during the day, and not just for fun purposes. Going to the bank and the doctor’s office gets to be a real pain in the butt. Then there’s the whole formal attire part of it forcing my toes into pumps when they’d really rather be wiggling free in flip flops. I’m pretty lucky where I work, and they let me wear my nose ring. But can I get a witness on all you out there with tatts and piercings you have to cover up in the office?

I miss the days when I could color my hair any way I want without the fear of being judged “unprofessional.” Pink highlights during the summertime: I miss you. Let’s spend some time looking at the lovely ombre hair trend that’s going on right now, and sigh about having jewel toned tips.

What trend do you wish was office acceptable?

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