Friday, June 17, 2011

Hangover Helper

We all have our hangover cures for when the warm summer evenings lure us into having that extra margarita. Mine happens to be a couple advil, and a healthy portion of cheese fries combined with a diet pepsi (not coke, not diet coke, not coke zero, not regular pepsi-I’ll accept diet wild cherry if you’ve got it).

Something in my body tells me: eat salty food and drink some caffeine. I always thought it’s because it was smart enough to know I need to retain some water, and wake up a bit. But now we know for sure why, you crave caffeine and it’s not just to battle that I didn’t get enough sleep and now I’m at work feeling.

When your body metabolizes alcohol (acetate), it leads to an increase in adenosine in the brain. This spike is what leads to your hangover headache. As it turns out, anti-inflammatory drugs (read: ibuprofen), combined with caffeine (read: diet pepsi) block the effects of adenosine on the brain. Just a little food for thought to help you through your Saturday morning.

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