Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Liquid Palisade

If you’re like me (or anyone who's not a superhuman), you have a pretty tricky time of it when you try to paint the nails on your non-dominant hand. For me, (I’m a southpaw) my left hand is always messy from coloring outside the lines so to speak because I just can’t keep that little brush on my little nails. As a girl who loves nail polish and paints her nails a few times a week, this issue has plagued me for years.

Now Kiesque has invented the painter’s tape of nail polish. It’s a light purple gel called Liquid Palisade that when you paint it along the edges of your skin before polishing, protects skin from absorbing lacquer. Simply peel off the gel when you’re finished for your salon perfect mani or pedi. 

AND if you’ve been dying for those adorable half moon nails that every runway sported, paint the gel onto a solid color of polish to create a removable line to paint up to. When you take off the gel, it won’t damage the color underneath. You’ve officially discovered your perfect French manicure.

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