Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tory Burch Selma Boots

This morning as I was exiting the subway, already thinking about my second cup of coffee at my desk, I stopped in my tracks. The most perfect riding boots. Swoon. The gentle swoop at the top that cups into your leg. The buttery leather. The classic toe shape with just a teensy bit of heel to give it some structure. The flash of gold.

I normally make it a point not to talk to people I don't know before 10am. But for these I had to make an exception. I tapped the girl on the shoulder (even though she was clearly rushing to work) because I had to know what they were and where they were from. I had my suspicions of Tory Burch from the signature gold circle emblem adorning flats around the city all summer long. After I gushed about how amazing her boots were, the girl in question gave up the goods. They were Tory Burch Selma riding boots. I think I'm in love.


vvvv said...

great boots!

Janice said...

I love them!! They are even better in the Almond color, but that is not pictured online.

トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

トリーバーチ 財布は一見ド派手に見えますが、皮の質感がクラシカルで落ち着いた雰囲気が感じられる、そのギャップこそ魅力なところです。柔らかい素材を採用し、爽やかな手触りを提供してくれる、インナーに多数のポケットが配置され、とても使いやすい逸品です。toryburchはどんなスタイルでも簡単に合わせできます、違う魅力を周りにアピールしたいか、これを選べば間違いなし。


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