Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Fast and The Furious Returns

I, for one, could not be any more pumped about the new Fast and the Furious movie.  I actually might go see it tomorrow, the day it comes out.  The first one was awesome.  The second ok, the third pushing it, but cool just because of the drifting.  And yes, I have seen all three.  I'm a fan.

But let's be serious here, I'm not going for the fantastic acting skills.  I'm going for the man candy that is Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, and the fast cars, obvi.  There are a few moments from the first one that really stick with you.  Those scenes that everyone loves and remembers to this day.

The scene with Vin and Michelle Rodriguez, some shirts come off, there are leather pants, it's just perfect.  There's the moment when Paul Walker rescues Vin Diesel off the street, starting off their beautiful bromance, and the final scenes with Vin when Paul let's him go.  Should be interesting to see how they deal with his fugitive status in the new movie, and how the two reconcile after discovering that Paul Walker is indeed a cop.

I did just watch the original on TNT though, so it is quite fresh in my mind.  I can't wait, cannot wait to see it.

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