Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lash Extension: The 3 Competitors

So, there have been a lot of recent mascaras claiming to make your eyelashes thicker and longer.  I have sampled three of the main competitors in the race and I will tell you the best in the bunch.

There is Shu Uemura Fiber Extension.  As far as I can tell, this one is the pioneer of mascara that claims to extend your lashes with little pieces of fibers that cling to the lash like individual false lashes, extending them past their typical length.  It is good stuff, but has a little bit of a greasy feel that leaves your lashes, although longer, a little limp and unable to hold a curl.

Then there is Fiberwig mascara, the knock off, which clamps on a little extra lash in much the same manner with one application.    This is by far the best lengthening and thickening mascara.  It is like falsies without the tedious application process.

Then there is the latest: L'Oreal Beauty Tubes, which is supposed to surround your eyelash with a thick tube of faux lash, making your normal fringe more lush and strong.  It's good in theory, but tends to clump and leave extreme gunky residue in the sink.  L'Oreal says that no eye makeup remover is necessary, but it will leave large black chunks in your sink with much scrubbing and not simply warm water removal. 

Shu Uemura comes off easy, but doesn't give results.  Fiberwig comes off easy and has much the same effect as the beauty tubes, making it the winner of this three way test.

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