Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hilary Duff will now be walking the AIDs walk

Today I received a "personal" email from Hilary Duff, and by personal I mean a mass email sent out to everyone walking the AIDs walk, but still written to sound like the little pop princess is talking directly to me.  It turns out that she was "moved" to participate in the AIDs walk because although she has played many "meaningful" roles on tv (that's debatable), the AIDs walk is more meaningful than any of these!  No kidding.  So, she's decided to join me, "center stage" to fight AIDs at the walk.  Woo Hilary.  Good for you, you've decided to take a break from getting veneers and losing weight to do something worthwhile-yay!

All mocking aside, I think it's nice that she wants to get involved and draw publicity to the AIDs walk.  Now, being the competitive AIDs walker that I am, I think my team (Broads for a Cause--DONATE!!) is the best AIDs walk team out there, despite the fact that next to my ambitious team members, I tend to look like a fundraising slacker.  Soo, two questions immediately jumped to my mind.  How big is the Duff Master's entourage going to be, and how much did she fundraise, being the celebrity she is, with access to unlimited wealthy contacts, personal funds and media outlets.  I figured that hands down she would had my team beat and crush my dreams that my team members would exceed anyone else's personal donation levels. So I took a quick gander at her AIDs walk team fundraising page:

Turns out I was wrong.  Hilary Duff will be walking with a team of 56 strong.  And yet, with this massive team turnout, they have raised only $760, TOTAL! 

Eat this Hilary Duff.

My team of only 4 ladies has you beat with $1005 raised, and we just got a new team member, so watch out cause we're raising even more!  Donate at:

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