Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Side Ponies Make a Comeback!

I have a little theory that I'm in the process of testing. I like to call it the Side Pony Principle: How to Use the Power of Hair to Conquer the World. It all started about four days ago when I was running late to meet a friend and sweating excessively in my humid NYC apartment. Encouraged my my 80's loving and fashion forward room mate, I pulled my hair into a scrunched up side pony. I had parted my hair deep on the left to the right side, and balled up my hair into a loose little nest on the right side of my head, just below my ear. It kind of went with my tropical outfit, picture a hibiscus tucked behind the ear. It also kind of reminded me of my days of neon, stretch pants and side ponies that I loved. I was sold.

So, I had to go to work later that day, side pony intact, and the response was magnificent. Every single table tipped me over 20%. It could be that the nice summer weather had them in a good mood, or that they felt bad for me working with such a severe sunburn, OR it could be that the side pony had worked some magic on my customers.

Now, here comes trial day two. I pulled out the side pony for another run at my next shift. The money was just too good to be shunning anything that could have been involved in my turn of good luck. This time, minus the sunburn, and with much nastier weather, the tips continued! I even tried purposely being a little rude to a couple tables to see if it was just my improved mood making my tips rise. No change. Solid over 20% tips all around! A male co-worker even told me my hair looked sexy, when normally all he does is shrug and say what up.

Could it be? Is the world finally ready for the side pony to be revived? A few years ago before the resurgence of 80's trends we've been enjoying, and the anything goes recession fashion mentality, a side pony tail would have been mocked and just a slightly crooked hair do. Now, however, the side pony is praised and rewarded with extra money!

I think that now the time is just right for this old favorite to make it's comeback!! I, for one, am pretty excited about it.

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