Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mood Lip Stick is Back!

And it's gotten classy! That's right, I'm talking about the stuff you loved as a child. It came in a tube that looked like any Revlon or L'oreal of the day, but instead of a pleasing peach or perfectly pink when you pulled off the cap, the lipstick shone a waxy green. It went on clear, and supposedly changed to match your mood-think mood ring for your lips. The little catch was that it turned the same shade of bright magenta on most people, the way mood rings had the propensity to change the deep blue signaling "happy" on most fingers.

But now Givenchy has brought back this old favorite, just in time for those of us who loved mood lipstick to have slightly more grown up tastes. It's called Gloss Poetique. Much like mood lipstick, it smoothes on clear, and reacts to the pH of your pout to give you a personalized color matched just for you. Jemma Kid tried the same thing with blush, Cheek ID Colour-Adapt, found at Target. Finally, someone takes the guess work out of finding the hue to match your complexion!

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