Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Recession Gets Real

So, Ok, it's been real for a while now. I've been experiencing it every time I get shut down at a job interview by the range of more qualified and also unemployed applicants waiting in line before and after me. I've noticed it every time I go to the grocery store and the same grocery list costs slightly more from month to month. I know several other people who are having similar job issues to me. I hear the odd story of people getting laid off. But this week I've seen some palpable evidence, not just rumors and personal experiences. Four, that's right 4! businesses have closed on my block, and no, I don't live in the outskirts of Queens. This is on the Upper East Side, the "wealthy" sector of Manhattan where lots of Jews and old people reside. Granted, I do live off of first avenue, a healthy walk from the subway, but still.

First Dunkin Doughnuts disappeared, and not only do I have no place directly in my walking path to get my morning coffee, but I have to walk by a vacant lot every day. Maybe it will save me $2.95 everyday, yet this doesn't quite even out with having to sidestep over the bum that has taken up residence outside late at night.

Then Champagne Video closes. Though sketchy and smelly (what proper video store isn't) even an attempt to divide it's space and sublet to a typist couldn't save this neighborhood staple. What am I supposed to do now, get Netflix?

Next a restaurant. No, I never ate there, and I do not remember its name. Yet I find it's closure mildly disturbing because I heard the food was good.

Finally, the last straw, the wine store shut down for "renovations." What kind of world are we living in, when depressed people without jobs don't even have the money to spend on a bottle of vino to drown their sorrows?! Geez louise, what's next, the bodega on the corner?

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