Monday, October 19, 2009

Apparently I'm not as out of shape as I thought

Until this year when I went running, they typical experience went a little something like this: I hate every second of it, come home sweaty and red, and wake up the next day barely able to move my legs because my muscles are so tense and sore. I take stairs like a granny, and have trouble squatting low enough to sit in a chair.

Now, this year, I went on a get in shape initiative because let's be serious, if I don't get in shape now, when will I really? And I had the motivation of my sister's wedding and thousands of pictures immortalizing my physical condition for the rest of my life looming ahead of me over the summer. So, I picked up running more frequently and got a gym membership. Yet when I went running, I still woke up the next day with incredible pain in my shins, a condition more popularly known among runners as shin splints. There was no way to get rid of them except a partners stretch that I had difficulty convincing strangers on the running path or my coworkers to help me with. I just figured it was because I was out of running condition, and had to suffer this as my punishment. No pain, no gain. Flash forward a few months, to my mom buying me new running sneakers since mine were looking a little shabby, and a magical thing begins to happen.

She found these gems, the Asics Gel-Evolution 5, in teal and silver, because I absolutely love silver sneakers and will not be caught running in an ugly shoe. They are fantastic little sneaks. I start wearing them when running and VOILA! my shin splints disappear. Running becomes, not exactly fun, but a little less of an exercise in torture and more like a good workout.

They'll run you about a buck twenty, but I say they are totally worth it. They are designed for maximum control, and feature lightweight material, impact guidance system, biomorphic fit, and DuoMax support system. Now, I won't pretend that I know which one of these features has made the real difference, but since I received these shoes, I can run three miles without a single shin splint the next day, and they look pretty snazzy with my silver running tights too. I've had expensive running sneakers before, nikes, adidas (not to name any names), whatever was trendy and had the cutest color combo, but these have exceeded by far the performance of any of my previous sneakers. They made me realize that a good sneaker can really make a difference, so shop around people! And I would recommend them to any and everyone. Even when I wear them out, they will hold a special place in my heart as the sneakers that made me realize, maybe I'm not quite as out of shape as I thought.

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