Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fun Theory (

This video was sent to me in a chain email. I watched it, and couldn't get over what a cool idea it was. Instead of trying to scare people into initiatives like saving the environment, or investing in their own physical fitness with awful consequences, why not just make it a little fun?

I visited their website because I was so intruigued ( It is an initiative sponsored by Volkswagon. They tackle exercise, recycling, and putting trash in the right bin. They are successful in each endeavor, by just making things into a game.

We use this trick all the time on children, turning tasks like cleaning up their toys and getting ready for bed into a little game. I find it fascinating that this works on adults too. Imagine what kind of implications this could have for millions if a tactic like this was used in NYC where so many people are concentrated!

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