Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I NEED this nail polish NOW

I saw this nail polish color in one of my monthly magazines about a month and a half ago, at the very least. I forget which magazine it was in, because I have subscriptions to far too many. It was on a page with one of the contributor's favorite things. The caption read something like--It makes me happy every time I glance at my nails at work. I was sold. I wanted this nail polish to lift my mood every time I happened to see my fingers, and I had to have it, ASAP. However, due to the cruel trick of fashion magazines coming out a month before their actual chronological month hits, I was soon to discover that this gorgeous color would not be available until November as it is part of Essie's holiday collection.

It is called "Mint Candy Apple." I don't like the name at all. I get the mint part, it is kind of like a wintergreen crossed with gunmetal crossed with winter snow, but Candy Apple, no. And a mint candy apple just sounds gross anyways. I still want it though, and am excited for november so I can get it.

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