Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where else would you really be?

There's a phrase that seems to be catching on lately that really gets on my nerves. Whenever I hear it, I cringe and want to turn around and ask, point blank-Why are you saying that? People use it in different contexts, talking about the past, present, anytime whatsoever. The first lady, whom I otherwise respect and admire, even used it in a recent interview with Women's Health magazine, saying "I was really IN MY BODY at that point in my life." I mean c'mon Michelle, where else would you really be? Having an out of body experience with some aliens? That sure won't win any votes for a second Obama term.

And what does that even mean? Are you fully immersed in the physical sensations you are having? Are you enjoying the physicality of a fit body that allows you to achieve your goals? Or is it just a way of saying that you were fully experiencing the moment you referred to from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes? If so, just say that instead of some inane expression that someone made up, a bunch of other people decided was catchy, and no one really knows exactly what it means.

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