Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

I got a chain email the other day, that was very typical of the Chrismas season. It was about a little boy who asked his mother if Santa Claus is real.

It was the best answer I've heard to the question so far. She told her son about how since he asked that question it meant he was old enough to learn about the Christmas Spirit. She used an example of a woman whose car she had hit in the grocery store, who left her go with instead of with information, with a smile and a Merry Christmas.

This woman had Christmas spirit she said, a special attitude and feeling that spreads over people this time of year. It's a time when people do random nice things for each other. Instead of yelling, they smile and say it's ok. They buy gifts to show their appreciation for having people in their lives. It's a sentiment that stretches around in kindness, and people use Santa Claus as a way of reminding themselves of this special loving sentiment once a year.

It's true. I have noticed people on the subway nodding and making room instead of scowling and elbowing. More doors are being held. More music is being played. Everyone is jaunting off to one party or another celebration. It's festive. It's magical, and the Christmas Spirit is all around.

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