Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Tonight I had my very first experience with Cirque de Solei, and I have to say, it was as fantastic as everyone has told you. I saw Wintuk at Madison Square Garden. It was a mixture of circus act, christmas story, and acrobatics that had a little something for everyone. It is one boy's quest to find snow, and the magical dreamland he encounters while looking. There is limited dialogue, a narrator who could really be done without, and mostly breathtaking dance and feats of nature.

Trampoline stunts were performed, that looked like the person was just flipping end over end over end without traveling across any space. A woman twirled more hula hoops than you could count around her barely moving frame. A man walked a tightrope. Women dangled and twirled in tandem from ribbons twisting from the ceiling. People bounced off of giant wooden rods, and a woman and a man climbed inside a giant hoop to spin around the floor. All to the tune of winter scenery and live music.

There were puppies, a little romance, cops and robbers, and even angry snow monsters. This show truly has a facet for any audience. And, *SPOILER ALERT* at the very end, to complete the magic of the evening, it snows, actually blizzards down tiny tissue paper flakes. Everyone I was with was beaming with the joy of the season, and the wonder at how people can actually do those things with their bodies. I loved it, and I am thinking about signing up for a trampoline class at Chelsea Piers sometime soon!!

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