Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eyebrow Waxing

I went to the salon recently, and told the beautician that I wanted her to clean up my brows. In waxing speak, this is code for following the already established shape of your eyebrow, and just getting rid of any stray hairs that have managed to grow outside that shape despite the fact that you pluck and wax them away the second they appear time and time again. It was a reputable salon. I don’t trust my eyebrows to just anyone, after having several botched jobs when they came out too thin, uneven, or my forehead was waxed without asking even though I do not have a unibrow, and in fact my eyebrows are strangely far apart.

So, because the name and rank of the salon implied a certain level of skill and professionalism, I trusted this woman mere days before my sister’s wedding with a very important part of my face and expressions with little clarification on what I wanted her to do. Now don’t judge me, you know what I mean when someone has angry eyebrows or surprised eyebrows, and this could happen in real life if waxing went too wrong. After my experience, I will not be so vague with my orders.

This woman drastically changed the shape of my eyebrows, and made one shorter than the other by waxing off a key piece towards the center, altering the line up with my nose. As shown in the picture above, there is supposed to be a straight line from your nose up to the end of your eyebrow. Now, every time I go to the salon, I get lectured about over plucking that little section. But it just won't grow back! I need a little Rogaine, just for that one little spot.

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