Thursday, December 31, 2009

Glamour Mag Inspires Love and Life New Year's Resolutions

Glamour had a little snippit with resolutions every lady can make and stick with this year, and no, losing that last 5 pounds isn't one of them. I thought some of them were so good that they were worth repeating here. These are my faves:

1. Don't let a week go by without telling someone that you love them. Out loud. Pets count. So does your reflection in the mirror.
2.If you can't find something decent to watch on TV, turn it off.
3. Always read the kid a book (and definitely pat the bunny).
4. All together now: This year there will be no drunk-texting of exes. (Also no drunk-tweeting or status updating--at least not until they invent the great Internet erase machine.)
5. Find out the dates of every election in your district. Vote in all of them.
6. For every time he initiates it, initiate it twice. (nothing like a little friendly competition-lol)
7. Buy a "good decision" piggy bank. Pay yourself a dollar for every time you skip the third drink, go to bed early or make the difficult phone call. At the end of the year, buy yourself a "good decision" present. You've earned it!
8. On January 2nd, sit down, take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down five reasons you would want to marry yourself. Doesn't that feel good?

My personal new year's resolution is to floss everyday. I figure, it's simple, easy to maintain, and has huge benefits for my teeth, AND my dentist will finally stop nagging me. Though, personally, with all the good decisions I plan on making this year, I might have to buy myself a good decision vacation, or a present every couple months to keep that pig from getting too full. Happy New Year! And here's to fresh starts and new beginnings!

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