Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go ahead, Accept that drink from the sketchy guy at the end of the bar!

I would like to say that I am more suspicious than most about roofies and accepting drinks from strangers. I know a couple people who have been victims of having a little something extra slipped into their drinks. One scenario turned out well, her boyfriend was along and she got home safe. It turned into a funny story from the bar. Like almost getting arrested, a hilarious survival story of getting wasted and things going awry. The other didn't end so well.

I find it so unbelievable that creepy men can still get ahold of roofies to take advantage of young women just looking to have a good time when there's really no reason for such a drug to be so available. When you go out to smoke a cig and leave your friend to watch your beer, or accept a round of shots from a random guy, the possibility was always in the back of your mind.

Well not anymore! Thanks to Tracy Whittaker (who I automatically liked just because she has the same last name as one of my friends) all the single ladies can take those shots, and accept that drink from that sketchy guy at the end of the bar without a second thought. Enjoy that free alcohol! Ms. Whittaker was once a potential victim of being roofied herself, but thanks to a watchful bartender she escaped unscathed. Justifiably shaken up by the experience, she took action.

The result? A minty, plumping, lip gloss that has testing strips to detect date rape drugs in drinks built in! What a genius! She added a little safety mechanism to a product we're going to be wearing anyways. Check it out at, and buy one for a friend!

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