Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chelsea Art Walk 2011

Today is the annual Chelsea art walk where galleries fling open their doors to the public and provide live music, refreshments, and more. It runs from 5-8pm tonight, and includes over 125 galleries. There will be live music, film screenings, and artist/curator talks. For those of you who are mostly in it for the free food and booze with a little blast of culture on the side, there are a variety of activities and cocktail receptions going on.
  • A new ice cream sandwich is unveiled by the Coolhaus truck at Meulensteen
  • An artist will cut up dollah dollah bills yo for souveniers at Pavel Zoubok
  • You can have a Polaroid portrait made at Porter/Contemporary
  • Drink tequila at Vogt
  • Drink Bellinis and listen to music at Sudarem Tagore
  • Have a shave ice at Jenkins Johnson
Download your map here . And as a cool bonus, they are having everyone who attends upload photos to Flikr with the tag “Chelsea Art Walk 2011” so that the public can view pictures of the events. Check-check it out!

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