Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bored Smored.

Things you can do when you are bored and your roommate is on vacation, and due to your complete lack of budgeting skills, are low on funds:

-Sing along as loud as you want to showtunes (my flavor of the week is Wicked) without pissing anyone off.
-Be extremely paranoid about forgetting your keys
-Play video games endlessly without anyone else wanting the tv
-Eat $1 tacos and drink half priced beer at this place
-Drink as much as you wish for $20 at this place
-Work on the Gustav Klimt needlepoint your dad gave you for your birthday (random? yes. cool? also yes.)
-Get ready for work *ahem* not fully clothed without any awkward situations
-Have a party (BYOB people)
-Use her room as a staging area to lay out potential outfits for work the next day
-Do a puzzle in the middle of the living room floor
-Blare Aretha Franklin early in the morning (though the neighbors might not like this)
-Be first to get the mail EVERY time

Things you might not want to do:
-Watch really scary movies
-Read really scary books

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