Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion Alert

OK ladies. If you are buying a skirt with a back slit, here's a little piece of advice. When manufacturers produce clothing, they want it to look the best it possible can on a hanger to lure you in to buy it.

So, they sew the pockets closed so they aren't gaping open. AND, they stich up the bottom of slits with an X so that the skirt maintains its shape on the rack without flapping in the breeze. Yes, it's annoying to have to cut them open, but it just looks better that way. The stiches are typically only done in the lining so that when you cut them out it doesn't effect the garment's final appearance. Back slits are designed to make it easier to walk when wearing a form fitting skirt. The sexy peek of leg is mostly a bonus.

That being said. Make sure you do actually cut them open. I spotted 2 women today on my commute who forgot to open their slit. Because of it, they were taking awkward little steps since their slit couldn't do it's job, and meanwhile, creating an ugly pull of fabric that will surely leave a mark in the skirt once it's removed. Slits sewn closed look better on a manequin, on a hanger, NOT in real life.

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