Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here is my Card....

Recently, I've had a lot of guys give me their number.  It's a little perplexing.  The circumstances have been different.  One leaving his number on the credit card receipt of a table I waited on.  Another writing me a little note saying, "I like you."  A third offered me free gym sessions, and after I politely declined, citing my current gym membership he awkwardly gave me his card anyways and told me to call him anytime.  The last saw me as a damsel in distress on the sidewalk, and ferried my 30+ pounds of laundry up the three steep flights to my apartment, presenting me with his business card before dashing off to be some other maiden's knight in shining armor.

Each time it's a little confusing to me, since as the story goes, the guy gets the girl's number, calls and asks her out.  In each situation, I didn't have a particular burning interest in the guy, hadn't paid him any special attention, and the chances for rejection were high.  I could understand where asking for my number would be much more intimidating than simply slipping me theirs with the paid bill and a smiley face.  But is it wrong that I judged them a little for not simply manning up and asking me out?  I mean, is it really fair to just toss the ball into my court and wait for a pass back when I didn't even ask for it in the first place?

It's like the guy, who you've already hooked up with getting your number the next morning--a nice courtesy, even if he doesn't call--who dials your phone the instant he finishes programming in your name, you know, just so you have his number, so you know who it is when he calls.  What is with this new trend of guys insisting that the gal has the number just in case she wants to give him a ring?

I consider myself more feminist and progressive than the average chick, and I am certainly happy that it is not a crazy idea for a bold lady to ask out the fella of her choice without a "Sadie Hawkins" dance demanding it.  That said, let's see a little effort here!  A lady needs to be wooed, given a reason to want to see you, presented with your charming gallantry not simply tossed a number with the implied demand to be called.  I mean really, do I want to be the one to make the awkward first phone call, and plan a date for someone I just met, when they are the one who was interested enough to try to get my attention?  I think not.  

So fellas, let's put a stop to these strange dating advances.  Either grow a pair, bite the bullet and just do it, or direct your attentions towards someone who seems interested in dating a giant pussy.  Let's leave the coy glances and sliding your number across the table to the real women here.  I mean, what's next?  A note reading Do you want to go out: Circle Yes or No.  This isn't third grade.

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Domenica said...

i laughed in a guys face once when he tried to hand me his card. twas hilarious.


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