Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern day Knight in Shining Armor

Don't mind the gratuitous artwork, I just happened to like this John William Waterhouse painting of a knight in shining armor.

This morning I was stuck in an elevator on my way up to my office on the 12th floor of the Park Ave building I work in. Naturally, I was terrified. It’s not really the small space, or the hot temperature that bothers me, but the thought of indefinitely being trapped in any situation, even if it’s in a large open space throws me into an instant panic. But I found from this situation, that chivalry is not dead.

Now, I was trying my best not to freak out. There were two of my male co-workers in the elevator, so I didn’t want to make a big scene, but I knew I wanted to be out of there the second those doors opened. Then when the elevator doors were finally pried apart, we all found out who the real gentlemen were. I’m referring to the ones who stepped aside to let me, the only damsel in distress, out of the elevator first. Maybe they saw the terror in my eyes, or maybe that’s just how they behave in day to day life. I did happen to notice that one of said co-workers opens doors for me quite often, and always lets me exit the elevator first, which I appreciated especially in this situation.

Sometimes it gets on my nerves when men are trying to be chivalrous and it’s just non-sensical. For example, if the elevator is packed full, and you are in the front, do you really need to block the exit to try to let all the women out first? No, that does not make any sense at all. However, if it’s just you and me in the elevator, the proper lady inside me paired with my extremely impatient nature notices if you let me out first, or rush out ahead of me, and if you hold the door for me when I’m on my way out of the office. I don’t expect men to open every door for me, or throw their jackets on puddles so I don’t get my feet wet. I actually dated a guy who was overly chivalrous, and it got annoying because he was always dashing ahead of me to open the door. I can do it if I happen to get to the handle first. I have been opening doors for almost 25 years now.

Yet, it is nice to be in the company of a gentleman, when after walking around and going in and out of places all day/night you happen to notice that you haven’t touched a door handle the whole time. Yes, I notice. And, I appreciate. It’s just nice that there are still young men out there whose momma’s raised them right, and they know how a lady should be treated. If they hail your cab for you, even better, just don’t let them carry your purse. That’s taking things much too far.

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