Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi everyone! I've been in a Thanksgiving haze of turkey comas mixed with some wine combined with alotta traveling back and forth from my apartment to my hometown. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving unless it was jam packed with food, friends, and family, and this year was a good one!

So, in lieu of a traditional post, here are 4 extended haikus I wrote a while back for your enjoyment. I came across them while reorganizing my documents folder, and thought mini poems! What fun! Here you are :

green dandelion
fuzz, a single yellow burst
set in the bright lime green grass
it’s waiting to bloom

invisible wind
messing up our careful hair
trees enclosing our space
the clouds smushing down
kids spattered on lawn
scattered like lawn gnomes
laying and looking around
huddled under clouds
pewter drops falling
smudging my thoughts and blurring
my words run down my paper
it’s starting to rain

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