Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the mood for color changing nails!

The BFFL told me about In the Mood nail polish several months ago. The only thing that has kept me from blogging about it for so long is that I STILL don't own a bottle. Horrors! Now Glamour beat me to the punch, and put it in November's issue. I've gotten texts from several people who know how much I love a new polish that I need to try it.

I'm ordering some now. I'm getting a bottle in Hyper (goes between red and pale orange) because it reminds me of color changing hyper color t-shirts (anyone else remember those??) and Devious (which changes from purple to pink).

I've owned color changing polish before. It was changed by sunlight. Inside, it was blue, outdoors it morphed to the palest pink. This particular polish changes by the heat of your fingers, your beverage, or your mood. I used to love mood rings, now I'm excited for the next mood predictor to distract me from my work.  It might even make me less annoyed when I have to take my gloves off to text in this chilly weather. Yay for new polish!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Ive seen some at Claire's before but never tried it. Where do you buy this brand?

hiani16 said...

I ordered it online. Just google in the mood nail polish, and it will pop right up. I'm trying it out tonight!


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