Friday, June 4, 2010

The Codzilla

This past weekend I checked one of my summer goals off my to-do list. I rode the Codzilla through Boston Harbor. It was one of the highlights of my memorial day weekend.

They call it a thrill ride, and it is! The boat cruises slowly out of the harbor no speed zone, giving you a view of the city with a tour like commentary. The two guides put on a play of sorts about how a giant cod fish (aka Codzilla) may attack once we get out into deeper water. Now, while no one really understood the one guy ranting about codzilla in his faux pirate accent, it was fun to have a "scary" little story behind why we were about to speed and spin the boat around. Supposedly, Codzilla was attacking and we were trying to escape.

The boat proceeded to spin, twist, and essentially do doughnuts at high speeds near a small island. It moved in ways I didn't know a boat could move without flipping over. With all the fast about faces, the Codzilla boat created huge waves, soaking my friends, and many of the other passengers. It was like a raging river ride on a real body of water. Pick the wrong seat, and you are going to get wet. I recommend waiting for a really hot day when you want to get hit by a giant wave over and over again. Just keep your mouth closed. No one wants to be drinking that water.

I was looking at sightseeing cruises in NYC for when some relatives come to visit, and it turns out that NYC has it's own Codzilla. It's called the Beast. If it's anything like the Codzilla. I recommend. Despite being rather chilled, and much more wet that we expected, my friends and I had a great time!

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