Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new headphones

I bought these new headphones today to replace the crappy Nike ones that bit the dust a couple weeks ago. They are Sony MDR-EX35V earbuds. So far, I've owned them for about 6 hours and I like them a lot. Qualities I love:
-They come with a little fleece pouch to store them in
-The fleece pouch is complete with a little rubber thingy to wrap the headphones around during storage to keep them from getting tangled or damaged
-There are 3 sizes of rubber ear bud covers, not that my ear canals are going to change size, but they will come in handy when I inevitably lose one of the rubber covers
-They're PINK!
-The bass is pretty good for earbuds
-They really stick in your ears, which makes me think they will be fantastic for running
-They were only 30 bucks, so when I inevitably lose/destroy them I won't feel too bad
-And best of all, they actually play music, in both ears. I have been so deprived without headphones this past week, now that I have them again, I'm not sure how I survived so long without them.
I recommend.

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