Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reality TV

I have a confession to make. I watch really bad tv--really bad reality tv. I can't help myself. I want to hate it, but I don't. I actually love it, a lot. I just watched the Hills. I am currently watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.

That's right. I'm not talking the normal kind of reality tv that everyone watches, American Idol, So you think you can Dance, The Bachelorette, etc. I'm talking the shows that not everyone has heard of, that you're a little ashamed to admit that you watch. If it is on MTV or VH1, I probably have seen it quite a few times.

Now, let me explain the Hills. I gave it up because it was just too annoying to watch. BUT THEN, Heidi went and got all that upsetting plastic surgery, and Spencer turned into a religious freak, and WHOAH CRAZY it's like a train wreck of insanity that I just have to see how it turns out. Then there's the odd celebrity dating shows What Chili Wants is my current fave. Watch the trailer above and tell me that the old TLC songs don't make you want to watch it even a little bit. It's my love of TLC that drew me in in the first place. It's kind of hilarious to see what a dating complex Usher gave her, and I'm sorry to say that I watched For the Love of Ray J seasons 1 and 2. And Kendra, well, I got hooked on her wacky hilariousness back when she was on the Girls Next Door.

I do draw the line at watching Holly Madison's new show in Vegas. I will watch quirky, strange, straight up weird, maybe a little pervy (Ray J), but trashy I can't do. Sorry Holly.

What's your guilty tv show pleasure?

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Jaitlyn said...

I watched tons of creepy reality shows until i stopped watching tv to avoid my roommates. My favorites were the trashy vh dating shows like a basement affair and for the love of ray j


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