Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I finally made it to the theatre to see Sex and the City 2 last night, and while I was a little disappointed in the overall story line, it was an overall satisfying experience. There are two things that I must applaud these ladies for:

1. Looking so utterly fabulous at their age, I mean seriously, they have better bodies than I do
2. Fighting so hard against the social norms put on women to settle down, marry, and have kids.

This movie is all about women having the opportunity to have a voice, choose their life path as they see fit, and essentially live the lives they want, not the lives anyone tells them they should be living. This has been the undercurrent/moral of the story of Sex and the City since its inception, but I guess the directors of this movie wanted to make it extra clear this time around in case anyone missed the message in oh, I don't know, the past 12 years since the series started. From the get go, it was all about women's empowerment. The whole Abu Dhabi scenario was just a gratuitous little chance for the directors to escape the prying eyes of NYC sidewalkers while filming, and to throw the outspoken I'll-do-what-I-want attitude of Carrie, Samantha (especially), Miranda, and Charlotte against the backdrop of the culturally conservative nation they could think of.

I did like that Smith Jared made an appearance, and the new man they found for Samantha was nearly as hot. Who knew that was even possible?! I liked that they finally let Charlotte admit that motherhood is hard, and that she is not, in fact, a robot. I LOVED that Carrie's gay best friend married Charlotte's gay best friend.

But, the whole Carrie plot, who is normally my favorite character was just lack luster. I actually disliked her whole part in the movie. I mean, come on. She made being married to the man of your dreams look like it sucked. And seriously stop cheating on Aiden with Big and Big with Aiden already. That was so 3 seasons ago. Whoever was her hair stylist throughout the movie should also be fired. Let's be serious here, no one gets rewarded for cheating with black diamonds.

Am I happy I saw it? Yes. Do I hope and pray they won't make another? Please don't let them!

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