Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike In Theatre

From the makers of Forking Tasty comes NYC's take on the drive in theater. Since there's obviously no place large enough for hundreds of New Yorker's to park their cars (like we own them anyways), this members only movie club asks that you bring your two wheeled ride (or skateboard, or roller blades, or sneakers) to save the environment and space. Here's how it works. You sign up for the club, and they email you details of the secret location in the days leading up to the screening. You show up, and take in the flick while munching on popcorn flavors inspired by classic cinema. Daily Candy reported that the treats include:  A Streetcar Named Desire (Cajun), Indiana Jones (garam masala), Goodfellas (Parmesan and parsley), and Austin Powers (salt and vinegar). Check out the details and sign up here. I know I'm looking forward to adding this to my summer repertoire of free movies!

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